Power and protect your home with Tywyn Construction Co

Harness the power of flowing water with Tywyn Construction Co. Through the installation of hydro schemes, our team of engineers work closely with Snowdonia Hydro to provide the energy you need.


Tywyn Construction has been involved in the construction of several local hydro schemes, providing a reliable source of constant, clean energy.

Whilst the abundance of water in North Wales enables Tywyn Construction Co to deliver sustainable hydro schemes, it can also be destructive. Protect your home from water damage with our flood defence solutions. For more information about our civil engineering and building services, contact us today.

Our building services include:

Feel the benefits of hydro

You'll feel the benefits with Tywyn Construction Co. From installation through to installation maintenance, we provide a complete project management service to maximise the performance of your hydro scheme.

Sustainable hydro schemes in Barmouth and beyond

  • Project management

  • Initial site surveys

  • Hydro scheme installation and maintenance

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